Be Informed – What You Need as A Computer Science Student

Before I started Tribar Software, I was a computer science student at college, believe it or not, and I found that having the right gear before you start is a must if you want it to go smoothly. So I have put together this list for budding programmers to help them work out what they should buy before college.

First thing that you will need being a computer science student is obviously going to be a laptop. Ideally, you want something powerful enough for compiling code quickly, though if you can’t afford an expensive laptop then a cheaper one will do, though you will need more patience to use it! We recommend a Macbook Pro as a great laptop for computer science students as they will have all the software you need for coding and the bash shell, while still being easy to use.

One of the next most important things that you will need, is your backpack! Finding the right backpack can be annoying, especially when there are so many other decisions that you have to make! There are some great backpacks that are perfect for computer science students, such as the Fjällräven Kånken Backpack or the Amazon Basics Laptop Backpack if you need something cheaper, check out Backpack Reviewer for a good list of college backpacks.

Books are extremely important too, so make sure that you get some great books on coding as it will make your life at college a lot easier. Effective Modern C++ by Scott Meyers is a great way to get started on some programming topics.